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Savings Auto Motorcycles Boats Campers, RVs, Etc Secured and Unsecured Fees

Effective as of: November 21, 2019
Secured and Unsecured
Unsecured Loans
Rating Score%RateMax Term Max Loan
A730 9.00% 5 Years$15,000
A680-7299.50% 5 Years$15,000
B640-67910.0% 5 Years$15,000
C600-639 12.5%3 Years $8,000
D550-55914.5%3 Years$5,000
E549 or less 17.5% 3 Years$5,000
Shared and CD Secured
2% above share/CD available balance with a floor of 3%

*With approved credit. Rates are based on credit rating and other factors.

All interest rates are subject to change without notice.
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