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Savings Auto Motorcycles Boats Campers, RVs, Etc Unsecured Personal and Share Secure Fees

Effective as of: January 1, 2024
Fee Schedule
Checking Account Monthly Fee$8.00, if balance falls below $1000.00 at any time in the mo
Debit Card Monthly FeeNo Charge
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee$30.00 per item
Stop Payments$15.00
Check Copies$10.00
Return Deposit Items$10.00
Statement / Account Print Out$10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Domestic$30.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Foreign$55.00
Incoming Wire Transfer$10.00
Debit Card Replacement$5.00
Clearing Fee$15.00 per transfer
Levy Notice$25.00
Account Balancing Fee$10.00 per hour
Research Fee$10.00 per hour
Return Mail Fee$5.00 Each
Dormant Fee$5.00 Monthly
Loan Application Fee$25.00
Stop Payment on Credit Union Check$30.00 per check
Legal Processing Fee$25.00
Excessive Withdrawal on Savings Accounts$5.00 per withdrawal, if over two (2) withdrawal per month
Early Withdrawal Penalty for Christmas Club/Vacation Club$15.00 per early withdrawal
Membership Fee$5.00

*With approved credit. Rates are based on credit rating and other factors.

All interest rates are subject to change without notice.
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